Heirlooms and Memories

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Passionate Woodworker, Noel Strong

I have been an active woodworker for more than 30 years, creating fine pieces of furniture, cradles, and other items from select hardwood. This particular design I currently offer came to mind when my daughter-in-law asked for a commemorative wine box as a wedding gift.

She wants this wine box to be opened whenever disagreements arise between her and my son. Along with the wine, this box shall contain love notes which the couple would read to themselves to remind them of their fortune and their love for each other.

If the box is unlocked, they should replace the bottle of wine and can place additional notes within the box. If the box remains closed, it can be opened to celebrate their next wedding anniversary.

My daughter-in-law showed me multiple designs and products currently offered online and asked if I could make something similar. However, after reviewing these items, I was not satisfied so I made something unique; a one-of-a-kind collectible which couples would surely cherish forever.